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Last month I wrote about the emerging arts scene in Taneytown, focusing in particular on Taneytown for the Arts, the nonprofit group encouraging the young and old to express themselves through the world of art. I had so much fun with that write-up, talking with local business owners and passionate art enthusiasts that I wanted to share even more about Taneytown! In the published article last month, I introduced a lot of small artistic businesses in a very short space, and I only skimmed the surface. This article is devoted to every business I loved that I couldn’t fit into the span of the last piece.

The first business that many of us around these parts would love, which you may be unaware of, is RUST in Taneytown. RUST opened its doors last year, on September 25th of 2015. According to Justin Staudinger, the founder of RUST, the primary passion of the business workers is, “repurposing vintage and antiques to fit today’s lifestyles and homes. Our shop is filled with vintage and antique treasures with a focus on industrial and agricultural items.” Some of the many types of products that RUST sells are repurposed architectural salvage, lighting, a fantastic line of candles, and homemade soap.

RUST caters to antique shoppers, of which there are many in our area, but even if antique collection is not your thing, you will find something here just for you. Many of us, myself included, love vintage and flea market types of purchases, all of which can be found at RUST. Justin also said that young couples will find many attractive things that can be displayed in their new homes, which is great for the couples living in and around Emmitsburg!

Of all the many fulfilling aspects of running this business, Justin particularly emphasized the enjoyment in creating new things. He said, “There are two things I love about working for RUST: the hunt that goes along with finding the pieces, and then displaying them in the shop.” He also shared how prolific the store’s creations are. If you visit RUST once, you can be assured that upon revisit you will find something there you had not seen before, “The shop is always changing; We bring in new pieces every week.”

He has had a passion for antiques from a very young age, and acting upon those passions is a common trait among everyone I spoke with. He is so committed to it, in fact, that he operates this successful enterprise while already working 55+ hours a week in Washington, DC with his other occupational passion. Many of us work as hard as we can at our regular jobs, and coming into contact with someone who still finds great importance in fulfilling their creative side is a helpful example for everyone to follow. Justin mentioned, “I have had a passion for antiques and collecting since I was 21 years old. I started buying and selling over 20 years ago. Stop in!”

RUST is open every day of the weekend, which is great for everyone who works Monday through Friday. On Fridays, they are open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sundays from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Their shop is located at 38 East Baltimore Street in Taneytown.

Many of you would also love The Mill at Keymar. It is run by Nancy Moser and Kim Bowers, a mother-and-daughter team who transformed a 9000 square foot, century old grain mill into a truly warm and inviting art and antiques shop. When you walk into The Mill, you will be surprised at the style of the business, a perfect blend of both the trendy and the timeless. Like many of the other businesses I have written about in the past, including The Thurmont Thespians and The Penguin Project, the individuals running the operation originally had different career aspirations earlier in their lives. Kim Bowers trained in college to be a nurse practitioner, and Nancy worked for many years as a conference manager.

But just because they trained in different disciplines at an earlier age doesn’t mean they weren’t nursing their artistic interests. While Kim trained to become a nurse, she was also sharpening her skills as a talented designer who can take the basic principles of effective design and reinvent them into something that truly captures the eye. Entering into The Mill, you’ll find just how adventurous and daring her designs can be, ones that you will not find anywhere else.

Nancy, like her daughter, also shared artistic interests while she flourished in her own career. Her parents were avid collectors of antiques, a passion which she shared and participated in for most of her life. She has a keen sense of just what constitutes a cherished item that anyone would love to place in their own homes, a skill which she has developed over many years of private collection and vending. The Mill is the essential hub for both timeless and innovative antiques that are centralized to the ways of life found in our home state of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


This institution is at 900 Francis Scott Key Highway in Keymar, MD, around a 15 minute drive from the center of Emmitsburg. They can be found on Facebook or their website. It is open Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and they’re also open by appointment.

If you remember from last month, I spoke briefly about The Red Door Boutique as a fun little boutique shop with pieces that will draw your eye. This hasn’t changed, of course, but I figured you’d like to know more about it before you drive to Taneytown. The Red Door Boutique is owned and operated by Emily Graham, and its doors opened around Thanksgiving of last year. It’s a very lovely boutique store, and in at you will find an impressive variety of wedding gifts, jewelry, custom food items, home décor and many other things! There is a common thought with boutique shops that only women visit them, but the Red Door Boutique knows that this is not necessarily true. You’ll find that they sell a wide collection of men’s items as well.

Even though this business is relatively new, and it’s still in its first year of operation, traffic has been steady and highly receptive. Emily said that many of her customers are surprised and happy with the selection that she offers in her store. There’s no better proof of just how much residents from Carroll County love this little boutique than by visiting their Facebook page, which is composed of nothing but positive compliments from its customers. Emily told me, “My favorite part of running this business are the people I get to meet, and forming close friendships with those who stop by!”

For many years she has wanted to own her own business, especially a boutique store. The warm feedback and increasing interest in the business serves to show just how much you will love this place! It is located in downtown Taneytown, at 16 West Baltimore Street, and it’s a very hard building to walk or drive past. It is decorated with warm shades of red and blue on its facade, and a big door just waiting to draw you in.


Ultimately, Emily hopes to run a regular business that will become a regular part of the community and is, “a place for people to come to shop, and feel inspired by what they find.” Store hours for The Red Door Boutique are Thursday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6 PM, and on Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM. Come stop by, the people are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is great!

ENJ ~ August 2016