The end of the year is right down the road! Where has the year gone? In January of this year, I was set to leave for my travels in Europe, and this month I’m beginning to make plans for life after graduation. Life moves so quickly! November and December are more retrospective, when compared to other months. We slow down, give thanks for all that we already have, and look forward to the new year and the opportunities that lie ahead.

November is a busy month for all of us, and while we have a lot to be thankful for, we still have a lot to do. Even though we’re preoccupied with important things, there is still plenty to do around Emmitsburg, in the meantime! In light of the time of year, and all that we have to be grateful for, I thought it would be helpful to share all of the family-friendly art events happening in the local area this month. Many of these events are on the weekend, and if they are not, they are still excellent ways to de-stress and entertain ourselves in light of our hectic schedules.

You may be familiar with the art strolls on Main Street in Thurmont. They typically take place in May, and somewhat more infrequently, they also take place in November. Well, this year, there will be an Art and Wine Stroll on Main Street! I spoke with Vickie Grinder, Main Street Manager for the town of Thurmont, about what we can expect for the art stroll.

The Art and Wine Stroll began three years ago. It found its origin after Rebecca Pearl, who owned the Rebecca Pearl Gallery, moved away. Vickie told me, “After Rebecca moved, there was no art whatsoever on Main Street. As a designated Maryland Main Street, art is very prevalent in most designated Main Street communities, and a few Main Streets are particularly well known for their galleries and art events.”

Motivated by the lack of galleries or art events on Main Street, she organized the first Art and Wine Stroll on Thurmont’s Main Street. The stroll, “invites local artists to showcase and sell their work while interacting with all who attend. Art and wine go very well together, so we have three wineries participating as well, who will offer tastings of the different varieties they offer at the vineyards.”

Each artist and their work is located within a business on Main Street. There is a great variety of artwork you will find for the stroll. Rebecca Pearl will have her artwork present, as will Nancy Houston, who paints lovely pet portraits, Austin Gladhill, art from the Catoctin Forest Alliance, and many more! You will find nature portraits, pet portraits, tattooists, purse makers, among others. Some of the wineries that will be offering samples at multiple locations on Main Street are Catoctin Breeze Vineyard and the Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery. Live music will be performed by Paul Zelenka along with singing partner, Mary Guiles.

Although wine is available for sampling, this event is open to all ages. All children must be accompanied by an adult, but it will be a great time for everyone involved. Artists and wine sampling locations can be found in many different locations, some of which include Hobbs Hardware, Mountain Memories, Thurmont Historical Society, Trends Boutique, and many others. The first 75 attendees at Heart & Hands will receive a complimentary wine glass, and you will receive your glow necklace to start your stroll. The Art and Wine Stroll is free, and will take place on Friday, November 18 from 5-8 p.m.

In addition to the stroll, the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Mount St. Mary’s has announced their fall 2016 event schedule! This year, Dr. Rosenfeld is hosting a concert on November 5th, Dr. Carlson is orchestrating the Lab Band on the 14th and the 15th, and Dr. Blaugher is directing the fall mainstage play Iphigenia and Other Daughters.

This play is modern interpretation of some classical Greek plays, ones written by Euripedes and Sophocles. This play was written by Ellen McLaughlin, whose intention behind writing this play was to imagine Greek plays with the female in mind. What you’ll find, when watching this play, is that women mostly make up the cast.

But a female-majority cast is not the only modern element of this stageplay. Dr. Blaugher commented, “A modern take on Greek plays means that the settings, the costumes, and much of the language is very contemporary. Nevertheless, the ‘spine’ of the play, the events from the myth, remain the same.” The play touches upon many different issues that are present in the Ancient Greek tales; vengeance, war, and jealousy between characters.

This play is a great fit for the community because it touches upon classical works of theater in many interesting ways. Dr. Blaugher mentioned, “Community members with an interest in classical literature would find the piece thought-provoking, as would folks interested in contemporary theater.” It is great to see a college theater program tackle a play with a great amount of substance.

Dr. Blaugher believes the play is worth seeing because, “Even though the source material comes from the beginnings of our western civilization, the human issues that it touches upon continue to be things that humanity deals with on a regular basis. These are emotions are definitely ones we continue to feel.” If you are interested in attending this play, curtains rise at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 17th through Saturday, November 19th. There is also a Sunday matinee show at 2:00 p.m. on November 20th. Tickets are $7.00, no reservation required!

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is happy to announce the Lab Band’s fall concert, called Europe Endless. Dr. Mark Carlson, orchestrator for the Lab Band, mentioned that Europe Endless refers, “To the title track from Kraftwerk’s 1977 album. This concert and panel discussion features works from the late 1970’s to early 1980’s that deal with the emergence of a united European identity in the face of crushing Cold War anxieties.” If you are a fan of music from the late ‘70s and ‘80s, this is definitely one not to miss!

Some of the artists whose works will be performed include Queen, The Sex Pistols, DEVO, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, and much more. Following the concert, faculty from Mount St. Mary’s will present topics in their own disciplines that relate to works from this period. The faculty include Dr. Jack Dudley, Dr. Elizabeth Strauss, and Dr. Alejandro Canadas. The program will be on Monday, November 14th, and Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30 p.m. in the Knott Auditorium at Mount St. Mary’s. The concert is free and open to all!

ENJ ~ November, 2016