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View from Indian Lookout, Emmitsburg MD

I am fortunate to say that I have worked at The Emmitsburg News-Journal for two years this coming June. I have been given a unique opportunity to discuss art activism, appreciation, and participation in this community, and I am so grateful to everyone I have corresponded with and heard from during this time. It’s quite unusual, I admit, that a student with a major in psychology has been given the chance to speak about the arts, and in my time here I hope that my section of the newspaper was informative and helpful. I write today, the 15th of March, to say thank you for your kind words and your participation in the local events I spoke about.

On this website I have attempted, at the very least, to introduce works of art and movements in the art world of which you may have been unfamiliar. I hope that I have been able to accomplish at least that much. In my first article I wrote the following,

To all of you, even those who have little interest in artistic matters, I hope that my time here will accurately reflect the beauty of and the necessity for the arts in each of our lives.

It has been a prerogative of mine to introduce other forms of artistic expression to you all, and provide them in a light and context that you may not have known. After all, why should anyone care about a hanging shovel?

But I haven’t met this prerogative yet; there is one medium of artistic expression that I have not written about, one that many in our area are either unfamiliar with or dislike: hip-hop music.

On this front, I will publish two more articles (on this website only) about two artists: Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. I have not heard anyone mention Kendrick Lamar in Emmitsburg, but I have heard strong distaste for Kanye West (specifically his actions or his past comments). My article on Kanye West will be published on the 1st of April, and my article on one of Kendrick Lamar’s albums will be published on the 1st of May, alongside the articles you will find in the newspaper.

I’m grateful for the entire staff at the News-Journal, my colleagues and the friends I have made working in this position. I hope that these last two articles can offer new insights into this genre of art, and with that, I’ll see you in two weeks!